How to set up Your Custom Domain Specific Email Address with Google Apps

Email is one of the most crucial and popular communication tools for any business. Having a dedicated business email address via which your clients can communicate with, helps you exhibit professionalism. In business, professionalism is king. The first impression you make to potential client matters a lot. It does not matter how good you are at what you do if you cannot convince your client of your ability to deliver.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for work is the top choice for all personalized email needs. It is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool. The Google Apps for work suite gives you access to Google’s most popular tools for your business needs. These include the industry leader in email – Gmail, Google docs, drive, calendar, sheets, sites, hangouts, and slides.

How to create a business e-mail address on Google Apps for work

  1. Create your Google Apps account

Visit the Google Apps homepage and click on ‘‘Start a free trial’’ to begin the process. On the next page, fill out the form asking for your personal and business details then click on next to proceed.

  1. Enter your domain name

If you own a domain name already, enter it and click on the next button. However, if you do not own a domain name, you can purchase one through Google. They start at $8 per year.

  1. Create a Google apps account using your domain name

This will function as your Google Apps admin account and the username will function as your business email address so you need to pick carefully. You can always create more email addresses at a later stage.

After filling in your choice for username, choose a password and click on accept and sign up button.

  1. Add people to your account

Now you need to start adding team members to your account. Click on the Start button next to “Add people to your Google Apps account”. This should bring up a popup where you can add people to your account.

  1. Verify ownership of your domain name

This is the final step. There are three methods to verify your domain:-

  • Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME)
  • Upload a HTML file to your web server
  • Add a Meta tag to your site’s header

You can employ anyone of these methods.

Once you are done with the verification, click on next to finish the process.

Now you can start using your custom business email address on the common Gmail platform.

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