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Expired Domain Names with Good Traffic: Helpful Instruction

Follow our helpful instructions and discover how to find expired domain names with good traffic! Get all important information you need!

A lot of people are considering the option of buying expired domain names with good traffic to use them for their own purposes. Even though this technique of improving your website’s ranking and attracting more visitors to your website is attractive, you should know how to use it right. You don’t want to end up with a negative ranking or decreased number of visitors on your website, right?

By following our helpful instructions, you will be able to find great expired domain names with high traffic.

The idea behind this technique is to find expired domain names that have existed before and are expiring soon or to find domain names that have already expired. You can find these domains on an online auction website. The key feature that you need to look for when buying domains is whether or not they have some history of working or existing as this feature means that you will experience a SEO boost. You need to focus on finding domain names that come from websites that actually had high traffic. This means that now you get an ever better SEO boost and an, even more traffic, to your website.

If the domain name that expired hasn’t had a specific hit in 5 years, the only good thing that domain has is its age, which is nothing. If the domain had a few thousand or a few hundred visitors per month, you’ve found a great opportunity that you cannot miss.

There are 3 options you can use in this situation:

• You can redirect the domain name to your chosen website – If your website is relevant, you have an opportunity to use the existing traffic from the expired domain and convert it into your own traffic.

• You can build a new microsite – This is a great option if you want to start a blog or a business site in the same niche or on a similar topic that already exists on the site, but you think you can make it better than whoever owned that certain domain name before you. Building a microsite is like a building a new website, except that you begin with monthly traffic which you don’t usually get when you create a new website.

<pstyle=”text-align: justify;”>• Try to restore the website that used to exist – If you stop and think for a second, there had to be an explanation and a good reason that there was traffic to that website, right? If you are considering this option, we recommend you to use tools such as Google Cache and Wayback Machine so you can restore as mush of the old website as you can.

The trick with all these 3 options is that you need to start your own project with a certain domain name that has traffic. If you decide to buy an old domain from a certain domain marketplace or Flippa you probably are not going to end up with a domain name that has much value. The website may not have had enough traffic or worse it may be banned by Google. You surely don’t want to buy a domain and then do nothing with it. So, what you should do?

  • You Need to Find Expired Domains
  • You Need to Audit the Domain to Determine Key Features
  • Buy the Domain or Leave it and Repeat the Process
Are you ready now to buy expired domains with good traffic?





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